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23 MAY 2016
09:00 - 10:30

Event Full Year Plan-Employee Engagement

Full Year Plan Workshop

Jakarta, 00 Januari 2017

“Improve Employee Engagement & Maximize Your Profit”

If You Fail to Plan, You’re planning to Fail!

I will show you the secret of how to win the hearts of customers, making employees more diligent, have the initiative and militants for you! By Making Planning mature

Dear Friend;

Companies with engaged employees, outperform Reviews those without by 202%.

Only 25% of businesses have employee engagement strategy. 69% of the company’s problems occurred as a result of employees not involved. 79% of employees who love the work easier to believe the company, did not like the demo, more grateful.

Your employees still out?
There is no strategy to obtain a reliable leader?
Many good employees resign?
Business is not growing?
HR Department blamed for not being able to fill the vacancy?
How did it happen? The answer,

Due to lack of careful planning!

Yes, I have helped more than 1129 employers since 2009, I will help you improve your leadership skills, team building, strategic thinking, and systematizing by making careful planning. Since almost 100% of companies are planning a mature survive in a crisis.

Imagine, if all the problems that plague the mind of the employee, customer, systematization, marketing you will get the answer in one day.

2016 You Mandatory Master:

Macro master economi that affects the way your business decisions
Got 5 Employee Engagement got the right tools
How to Make Employees Becoming Problematic Superstar
How to maximize your business planning
How to anticipate the next wave of crisis
… This is only partly, because you will learn something more!

Workshop Coach Tom is always controversial because the solution is very simple, proven, practical and applicable

Main speaker :

Tom MC Ifle

Founder Top Coach Indonesia

You will also get a complete guide

200 Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Proven CHEAP!
Folding strategy duplicate Profit
4 Things that must be prepared in 2016 to deal with MEA
How the Millennial Generation Reaching the most consumptive
How to make good planning
How to determine the goals, targets and objectives of the company
How do the Situation Analysis is based on history 2015
How to understand the needs of the market
How to create a business strategy in the real world
How to create a business plan that will affect Cashflow, Margin, Profit and Cost
What experts say about Tom MC Ifle world

Adriana James, MA, Ph.D.

Director, Lead NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching Master Trainer at The Tad James Co.

Tom is one the best examples of a great and diligent learner. He gets results with his clients using practical, results-oriented and tools from world class gurus. He practices what he preaches and he walks his back.

I highly recommend Tom as your coach, mentor, guide with his wide range of expertise, I strongly believe he will deliver as promised – highest quality and integrity.

tad James

Owner, The Tad James Co. LLC

Tom is one the most outstanding person in the coaching industry. He Learns To serve other people in this world, he transform businesses as well as the person. I highly recommend Tom to serve and guide you to be even more successful!

Ariesandi Setyono

Owner, Academy of Hypnotherapy Indonesia

Tom is really a competence business coach and work from his heart – it makes him different from any other business coach. Well done bro!

Andriani Marshanda Click to drag this recommendation

Musician and Actress

Coach Tom MC Ifle by my definition is “The Real, True Coach” anyone can ever need to have in order to Achieve more REAL success in their business and life.

He has what I call the “true character” of a real coach.

He’s capable of bringing out the best in you by giving real, limitless faith and support for you as a person. He works very professionally as an expert, has high integrity, and Gives you very strategic applicable knowledge and insights you need for your business and life quality to grow

Antonius Arif

Sales Motivation speaker

Coach Tom is seoarnag Expert Coaching business. I recommend him to your business performance improvement.
Who Should Follow This Workshop?

o All Business Owners

o All Top Management Company

o All People Who Want to Start Doing Business

o all Franchisors

o All People Who Want to Have Time & Financial Freedom

So price is How?

Normal price: Rp 5.500.000, – / Person

Early Bird: Rp 2.750.000, – / Person

special Offer

Rp 4.500.000, – / 3 People

Rp 5.500.000, – / 5 People

For a Special Price Offer valid until 00 December 2016

Well now …

If you are really serious about building your business, Challenge Business success, becoming a world-class leader, you need the right information, then you need to invite the whole team to attend the Full Year’s Planning Session.

Full Year Plan Workshop

Jakarta, 00 January 2017,

pk.09.00 – 17:00

“Improve Employee Engagement & Maximize Your Profit”



BONUS Will you get
You must create a Planning, Spend Time Together TEAM To ensure 2017 EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS !!!

PS This program is very powerful so you are encouraged to invite your team and the confidence to immediately implement this skill …

PPS The price is only valid for the first 50 registrants, If OUT then, I will close this salespage soon ..

PPPS If you do not feel the benefits, your money will be refunded 100% … Take out bonus!


Sure you can

Tom MC Ifle