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23 MAY 2016
09:00 - 10:30

Event How to Master Coaching

“Who Else Wants To Be A Professional Coach in 72 Hours, Remove Negative Energy, Build Confidence themselves and Pack Your Leadership Potential ?!”

You’ll Adding Confidence As the Leader and ability Mastering Influence People, Leadership Because increases, employee plus militants, turnover soared! GUARANTEED !!!

One day Professional Leadership Development Programme

How to Master Coaching for Professionals

Jakarta, 0 April 2017, pk. 9:00 to 17:00

Dear Friend;

Leadership and Coaching is TREND Internationalised, Do not miss!

Fortune 500 Companies’m excited! They said, “COACHING IS THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE CONDUCT EMPLOYEE and IMPROVE THEIR PERFORMANCE.” COACHING also shown to increase the company’s return on investment of 600%. Even more than that, the speed of the world in making a change, can not be balanced if no COACH as a guide.

New Discovery Reveals! Secrets of Being a professional Coach in 72 Hours!

Extraordinary Coaching has been spread all over the world, it is CONFIDENTIAL Performance Athletes and World Entrepreneurs.

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Why Coaching is so Exceptional? Because it uses technology that can change behavior, increase productivity, align values even push you into a world class entrepreneurs.

Do not be surprised! You will Accelerating success, facilitate work, increase confidence, build quality Leadership and able to be a charismatic person.

Ever imagine if you could:

Leading Thousands of people such as Google, Apple, Samsung
Able to transform employees into militant weak
Capable of eliminating the mental barriers themselves and employees
Creating a Leadership Style is loved by everyone
Demonstrate Credibility and invited by world-class companies to membagikanTips Your Leadership
All doubts about YOURSELF YOU will be LOST! If you do not believe, PROVE YOURSELF!

Survey proves Mastering Coaching for Professionals help you get rid of negative energy, build self Confidence and Pack Your Leadership Potential

In this workshop you will learn fast, How to:

Hypnotic Pattern Language Learning using the POWERFUL
Mastering Techniques inquiry Effectively
Mastering How to Build Confidence with INSTANT!
Mobilize Hundreds of People to Support You
HOT BUTTON understand employee motivation
Mastering techniques Practical Therapy
Coach Tom Just choose 10 candidates who will be in the TRAIN LIVE, Coaching sessions Following Coach Tom directly and Applying Coaching Techniques POWERFUL. This technique has helped thousands of entrepreneurs TRANSFORMATION Outstanding!

One day Professional Leadership Development Programme

How to Master Coaching for Professionals

Jakarta, 0 April 2017, pk. 9:00 to 17:00

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This workshop is not for Everyone, I WILL GIVE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you do not learn something from this workshop.

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Bonus # 1:

How to Master Business Coaching DVD Rp. 1.500.000, –
This DVD will help you identify the types of clients who will pay you expensive. You will also learn coaching techniques fast to get the commitment of the client. and many more

Bonus # 2:

CD Audio Top 20 Ways to Grow your business
It is a collection of tips that a business philosophy that changed my life.

Bonus # 3:

Book it’s Time To Win More Profit
National Best Seller book that will change the way you do business. How to create a business that can run without you. Now!

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Price Rp. 7.700.000

The first 10 registrants Rp. 2,200,000