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23 MAY 2016
09:00 - 10:30

Event Six Sigma Certification

Now You Can Print PROFIT, Eliminating Waste and Create World Class BUSINESS

“Who Else Wants BUSINESS Creating World Class such as Jack Welch?”

“The success of GE, Motorola, Sony, DuPont, DOW, Toyota is the ability They Printing Using PROFIT
Six Sigma Methods ”

How to increase profits by eliminating defects from all products, processes and transactions. Can be applied to all facets of business from Banking, Insurance, Hotels, Manufacturing, HR, Marketing, Healthcare and Distribution.MORE THAN 40 POWERFUL TOOLS

From The Desk: Tom MC Ifle , CEO & Founder Top Coach Indonesia

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are ENTREPRENEURS Manufacturing, Freight Forwarder, Distributor, Health Care, Retail, Trading and Supply Chain, you’ll often hear the complaint:

– Always feel LESS PEOPLE
– Customer complaints OF LATE
– Companies lose money because a lot ITEM THAT DEFECTS
– Production of TARGET TIME CHASING not expected customer
– Losses are not counted due to replacement DAMAGED GOODS
– Missing directions because PROBLEM come repeatedly and do not know where to start to finish

I agree with you and I’m sorry. Because virtually all the problems that you experienced is not because of your own, but because of the tools that you use need renewal.


Six Sigma is a breakthrough management is highly focused on quality control by studying the company’s overall production system. The purpose of Six Sigma is to eliminate the defect, cut time of manufacture of the product, and eliminate waste costs. Six sigma is also a strategy, discipline, and tools – to achieve and support the success of a business.

Six Sigma is referred to as the strategy for focused on improving customer satisfaction, and is referred to as a discipline for following the formal model, namely the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and as a tool for use in conjunction with each other.

One company that has successfully used Six Sigma is General Electric. Since Jack Welch adoptMotorola’s Six Sigma quality program 1995.In year 2000 GE posted sales of $ 26.8 billion to $ 130 billion.


The goal of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is to enhance your ability to effectively identify, define and solve problems in business so as to improve the Quality, Cost and have lowered overall control.

At the end of the session you will master:

Strength DMAIC Problem Solving process is scalable, identify problems,make the process map, SIPOC, and Value Stream Mapping.
Applying a basic understanding of statistics, overcome variationsand eliminate non-value added waste in your business.
Applying a quick improvement toolssuch as 5S, Standard Work, Visual Management, which will help you solve the problem as early as possible.
Using Cause-Effect Diagramsand FMEA to lock the risk of leakage, the risk of repetition of problems and control the process so that stability is maintained.
Doing Rapid Transformationusing KAIZEN

We are one of the organizers of the Six Sigma Green Belt Training the best in the world because it not only helps you look at the problem in a new way, but it gives you a fast track growth in your industry.

You must complete a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by using techniques that have been taught to lead a project in your business and completing a written test which has been prepared by our Master Black Belt.


You must attend the entire program for 5 days and complete the task given during training. You are also required to report project report within 180 days.

During the 180 days, you will receive guidance, support and coaching so that you can run all the tools they have learned during training.



Linking Metrics to VOC and VOB Identifying
Classic Forms of Waste
Identifying Opportunities and Project Charters
Process Maps (SIPOC, Swim Lane, Process Mapping Diagram)

Value Stream Mapping
Understanding Data
Measuring Current State (Processing Time and Yield)
Exploring Data Patterns Basic Data Collection
Data Sampling
Graphical Analysis Tools (Run Chart, Histogram, Box Plot)
Descriptive Statistics Rolled Yield Throughput Analysis (Percent Value – Add versus Rolled Yield)

Qualitative Process Analysis
FMEA Analysis
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Stratification Analysis (Grouping Variables, Bar/Pie Charts, Pareto Analysis and Drill Down, Multiple Box Plots, Scatter Plot)

Quick Improvement Tools
5S Process
Standardized Work
Mistake Proofing
Visual Aids
Process Flow
One Piece Flow
Setup Reduction
Simple Pull Systems
Simplified Process
Cell Layout Volume
Mix Leveling and Takt Time

Process Control Methods
Standardized Work
Visual Controls
Source Inspection/Mistake Proofing
Preventative Maintenance
Managing Kaizen Continuous Improvement Events
You’ll Learn How DMAIC Process can transform YOUR BUSINESS


“Jacob’s Six Sigma Green Belt training course was fantastic! I heard many horror stories about the mathematical component to Six Sigma, however Jacob ensured we all understood the concepts, reasons and utility behind the numbers. Since the course, I have used my training to speed up order flow through our systems as well as improve inventory cycles. Jacob is enthusiastic about the knowledge he imparts and has time for each individual so that they understand the content thoroughly. I hope to attend more of his training courses soon.”

Stela Solar, Group Product Manager- Australia

Precisely Economic Crisis Making Business Growing, All Thanks Coach Tom

“If you want to find the right business training program, in Coach Tom place. Many of the changes that I have experienced since joining the training into this business. Thus I was taught how to ski over the waves of the financial crisis, and since then my profit climbed steadily to hundreds of percent per month.

Thanks Coach Tom for his support over the years. The monetary crisis does not mean the end of everything, but rather higher the ladder to success ”
Kristian Hardianto (Own Kospin Sekartama)

Precisely Experiencing Increased Profit in Times of Crisis

“The economic crisis is more towards the collective agreement, when everyone thinks the crisis, the crisis. I personally feel the tremendous benefits when Coach Tom managed to fix my mind set, and in all fields of life changed 360 degrees, much better.

Precisely when this happens, we should improve, following the business educational and dare to take chances, and as a result, our business profit and turnover increased by up to 100% continuously, is truly extraordinary. Coach Tom Thank you for your help ”

Mrs. Farida Nyaw, owner of the Main Group

Opportunities multiply amid crisis

“The current crisis has actually made my business is growing, once my business was almost bankrupt due to the crisis, but thanks to the help of coach, whatever the circumstances, the business to be much better.

I am more global perspective to look at this situation from the perspective favorable. The result is even better than I expected. A coach not only provided me with the inspiration of how to survive but even to multiply the opportunities amid the crisis ”

Martin LimanSubroto, President NIRI RUBBER

Profit Exploding above 100% of the Great Depression

“I do not see the economic crisis, but more towards mental crisis, fortunately, I equipped science by Coach Tom how to look at any situation into an opportunity, and as a result, amid a crisis like this, turnover and profit me even more better, profits exploded more than 100% !

Environmental impact is only 20%, the rest depends on our internal factor, when the mind set better, the result will be better anyway. Thanks Coach Tom for his guidance during this time, ”

Setyo Harjono, Owner Mega Motor

Doubles Potential Business Training Program and the Business Asset Real!

“I do not know what happened to my business if it did not join to Coach Tom. The economic crisis has opened my eyes that the coaching program is very important.

My business coach always encourages me to always explore your own potential more optimally and become better from ambient conditions. It is precisely our company’s assets increased by more than 80%. Coach Tom Thank you is incredible ”

Siswanto Akwan, President Director of PT. BPR Gunung Rizki

You Will Learn How You Can Apply Six Sigma With Easy Method


– Transforming ERRORS become PROFIT with THROW all you have PROBLEMYou Will Learn How To

– Want to work MORE LIGHT but PRODUCTIVITY increases

– More BIG, more FASTER and more EFFICIENT

– Reduce WASTE (waste charges)

– Print PROFIT

– Improve product QUALITY

– Improve Satisfaction CUSTOMER


– Duplicate Business Class WORLD SUCCESS

– Pressing PRODUCTION COSTS WITHOUT compromising the quality


5 days course USD 5500

Early bird USD 4400

Kaget ? Tunggu dulu …

Group Discount :

Registration is five (5) participants, please contact us to get a special price on (021) 2907 8909 (Hunting) or email:

Custom Programs:

The program can be tailored to the needs of the company. For in-house Green Belt Certification Program please call (021) 2907 8909 or

To Your Success Now,
PS This program is very powerful so you are encouraged to invite your team and the confidence to immediately implement this skill

PPS The price is only valid for the first 15 registrants, If OUT then, I will close this Immediately Sales Page ..

PPPS If you do not feel the benefits, your money will be refunded 100% Takeout bonus that I have given