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23 MAY 2016
09:00 - 10:30

Event TRIZ Certification

What is a TRIZ?
TRIZ is the science that makes creativity becomes very scientific collected of engineering solutions worldwide.
TRIZ is also a problem solving toolkit that can be used to solve all the problems you face with the concept of structured even be used to create innovative products.
TRIZ has a compilation of solutions resulting from research patents throughout the world and simplified into a concept that can solve all the problems. TRIZ also provides a systematic understanding of the problem, especially for analyzing system, function, until we got what we wanted.
What are the Benefits TRIZ?

Can help us think clearly, and look at the BIG PICTURE strong when faced with a complex problem situations
Help us to be creative (creating a new system, find the next trend system, creating a lot of new ideas, etc.
Help us to be innovative (finding new ways to use and improve the existing system, the existing technology, etc.
Helping teams work together to unite the power of the brain, based on experience, knowledge of the world that is applied using TRIZ
It can help us improve the existing system and improve ideali system by lowering costs, eliminating the hazard or increase benefits
Using existing resources: we can find a solution, fast, cheap with TRIZ and help us change danger into surplus
Creating quick solutions
Using time effectively and thinking. Ensuring we direct solution towards the right target
Why You Should Learn TRIZ?
TRIZ problem solving gives us a very powerful system, has been used by engineers worldwide, including NASA, GE, Boeing, BRITISH AEROSPACE, SAMSUNG, SONY, and even the military.
TRIZ is very systematic, help us to be more innovative and creative, with simple tools, we can find a broader solution.
TRIZ is known as THE ONLY problem SOLVING toolkit – the reason for the problem solving toolkit others rely on brainstorming finally delivered a solution that is actually a TRIAL ERROR. Other tools in the world such as Six Sigma, PDCA, Total Quality Management is the ROOT CAUSE Analysis TOOLS not PROBLEM SOLVING TOOLS. TRIZ is very complementary to the extraordinary science like Six Sigma for added factor is the treatment after the ROOT CAUSE Problems found.
Basic TRIZ Workshop is the basic foundation of how to resolve the problem by introducing all owned TRIZ tools and use them to solve the problem.
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